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A new creative-network specifically for manga makers has opened up its Beta Site for testing/feedback:


  • Progress tracking features that let you know exactly how far you are in a comic series and will automatically save your place for future reading.
  • Follow any comic, project or user that sparks your interest, and fully customize the specifics of when you're notified in your personal Feed.
  • Your own Reader Shelf that automatically sorts chapter updates to comics you're following into a personalized reading "playlist." Customize the shelf to your liking and create your own unique reading experience of your favorite comics!

  • Upload your comic and fully customize how it is presented, updated and promoted on-site with a dedicated webpage for your work that connects with fans, no website-building needed.
  • Retain all creative and publishing rights to your creations.
  • Have your own site? Connect your G.M.I. profile with your personal website or blog and supplement your page's traffic/revenue with the network's.
  • Expansive comic-creation options; present your work in single-page mode, or a book style format, including two page spreads and filler page options. Bulk upload entire folders of work in seconds and set scheduled publishing times to release your work; no more lengthy on-the-spot uploading.
  • Create dedicated project pages to showcase work in-development, or help boost awareness and support of your off-site events such as crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Discover local creators and projects in your area with location-services, opening up a vast range of creative opportunities. Form creative-teams in your area and bring your projects to life.
  • Showcase your range of creative ability with a dedicated portfolio and our system of Skill Tags that allows you to be scouted and recruited for projects and work.
  • Apply for the G.M.I. Roster and take a shot at having your work stand on top of the globe.

The site is still a little rough, so testers should expect to encounter a few bugs here and there. When that happens, just click on the handy "Report Issue" button located on the bottom-right of any page; you'll be able to fill out a form detailing the problem which will be sent straight to our developers.

We want to make this site a place where anyone interested in making manga can find a community and features that can support them every step of the way. To that end, we invite everyone to come aboard and make this site the very best it can be.


We hope you enjoy the new site!

-Sincerely, The G.M.I. Crew
Hi ppl out there and a special hello to all group members and watchers! :D

as you may have noticed we got a first and brand new group icon made by awesome :iconheartandbonebreaker:!
all thanks to her! :) i rly appreciate the fact that she took the special trouble to create such a nice gift for us. :)
so how do you like our first group icon?

i hope you'll all have a nice week and enjoy your time!

greetings from lichi ^^
Okay, well since this group is dying, slowly by slowly, I kinda wanna take of it.The owner doesn't seem to be too active, so until then, I'll try taking care of it~!
I'm new to groups, but I'd like to ask,

is there any way non contributers can submit, and not have to go through approval?
Help, would be useful.

Two, The icon winner, I tried using your Icon you made for us, but it didn't seem to work? Lol, only master can do it!? >w<
3, I have nothing else to say, other then feel free to make this group~ special ~ 8D!

Oh, active helpers would be loved.
And to repay people.. I guess for joining? I'll do one of those .. deviation thingys.
Where the first people to comment (10), can get they're top two devitations chosen, and up in a new journal, made by me!~ Sounds fun, rite?
Now, since you can't do the little art clip thingy in the group journals, *Atleast i think* I'll do it in mine.

Havefun and goodluck!~

+1st place: :iconakcire94: (

The winner will have their icon on display all year round, receive a picture made by me, & be featured in an article (once I learn how).

+2nd place: :icononyx801: (…

The 2nd place winner will receive a picture made by me as well as being featured in the article.

+3rd place: :iconanimefreak309: (

The 3rd place winner will be featured in the article.
There will be an icon contest for the members/ soon to be members of this group, I'm hoping you will join! :D

- This icon must display a love for ALL anime, not just one.

- The icon must be measured as follows: 100x50 and must be smaller than 30 KB

- The winner of this contest will have their icon displayed as the group's icon and they will also receive a picture from me.

- This contest ends July 11th! I had to rechange it because I might leave for Colorado earlier than expected, sorry everyone v.v

- Lastly, make this a fun and creative project for yourself :) :heart:

:star: Contestants :star:

1. :iconanimefreak309:

2. :icononyx801:

3. :iconakcire94:

Love your fellow member and founder of this group,
:heart: :iconaxelscandygirl: :heart:

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